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We can save most businesses up to 50% compared to your current waste costs when you switch to us. Start saving today!


We believe in the preservation of our Planet. A cleaner, safer, and healthier world where people thrive — for generations to come.

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Welcome to white glove service built for the 21st century. Waste Managers provides true real-time visibility and control, 24/7 managed services, with faster and more reliable service times. All from our powerful, easy to use technology platform.

With both East and West coast call centers we are able to assist our customers regardless of time zone. Our team has more than 100 years combined experience. Our Business Model includes reducing solid waste costs, designing comprehensive recycling programs, increasing commodity revenues while insuring that all clients are compliant with all Federal, State and local laws. We offer complete transparency to our clients.

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Premium Solutions By Waste Managers

We Offer A Wide Range of Waste Management Solutions.

Solid Waste

Consolidation of all solid waste requirements utilizing a single source.


We help ensure that whatever can be recycled, will be recycled.

Bulk Waste

We can help you effortlessly dispose of your bulk items, keeping your surroundings clutter-free.

Yard Waste

We provide flexible collection solutions for both big and small volumes of yard waste.

Organic Waste

We will work with you to create successful recycling and composting programs to manage your organic waste.

Electronic Recycling

We provide reliable, safe, and efficient solutions so you can easily recycle your electronics waste.

Universal Recycling

Whether it be batteries or lighting, we are dedicated to taking care of your universal waste and recycling needs.

Special Waste

We will guide you through the management of special waste, including solid, and liquid materials.

Hazardous Waste

Our experts will provide you with responsible disposal solutions for basic chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Medical Waste

We’ll work with your healthcare institution to advise on safe and responsible medical waste disposal.

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Waste Managers Software

One Platform for You and Your Entire Team

From one touch service requests, real time pick up tracking, and communications, to automated reports, alerts, and more. Our cloud based platform places everything in one place. Giving you transparency, control and ease of use, all while reducing your work load and saving you time.

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